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Multiple Broken Teeth

Like many other serious occlusal problems, the inititating condition can be either minor or major.

A common cause of tooth breakage can occur with trauma. It is not uncommon for children and teenagers to break certain tooth structures. Bonding and replacement choices are popular treatments that are effective.

In contrast, a tooth that suffers physical trauma but does not necessarily break but become rotated or shifted, occlusally... can often cause more serious problems later.

Receiving orthodontic or individual treatments for rotated teeth or teeth that have poor occlusion due to overbites, underbites or crossbites are popular, especially with the younger populations.

Adults however, tend to be more efficient procrastinators when it comes to their own treatments, for whatever the reasons (time, affordability, perceived value, etc). While forestalling any kind of recommended treatment can be one of those "it seemed like a good idea at the time" .... it can certainly develop into a serious health issue with almost unimagineable results.

This gallery contains examples of broken teeth that can arise from poor oral hygiene, dysfunctional occlusion, untreated oral infections, severe caries, untreated repairs of previous restorations, bruxing, failed orthodontics, followup recommendation failures, etc.

Severe breakage of tooth structures accelerates the destruction or disruption of the bite and occlusion (occlusal relationship) that creates a visicious cyle of worsening dental health. The intitial causes can be minor... but left untreated can develop into what is seen here.

Treatment options at this level of destruction can include crowns, bridges, implants, fixed bridges, dentures, partials and implant supported dentures.

Busted Broken Teeth
Multiple Broken Teeth
Mitchell Pohl, DDS

The patient suffered a direct blow to his upper anterior teeth. Luckily, the lower arch was not involved. The patient was able to obtain immediate treatment to save the two affected teeth and restore normal tooth, gingiva and connective tissue relationships with minor surgery.

In terms of aesthetics, the anterior tooth surfaces can be treated with composite resin bonding or with veneer laminates.

Trauma Injured Tooth
Physical Trauma Injury - Two Anterior Teeth
Mitchell Pohl, DDS

The upper jaw, involving primarily the two front teeth, sustained a direct hit by a softball. One tooth structure was totally destroyed, broken off at the gumline.

Treatment recommendations can include bridgework, implants, crowns or a partial denture.

Sports Softball Baseball Injury
Sports Trauma Injury - Two Anterior Teeth
Kristin Petulla, DDS

A worst case scenario when orthodontic treatments aren't provided at key developmental stages of jawbone growth. Dysfunctional alignment issues and seemingly haphazard tooth growth patterns can develop to the point where severe destruction "naturally occurs". This 40 something adult male has treatment options available but will necessarily be complex if a focus is made to preserve as many natural tooth structures as possible.

Treatment options can include orthognathic surgery, jawbone expansion, bone grafts, traditional orthodontics, multiple extractions, various combinations of bridgework, implants, crowns, dentures and partials, depending on the cosmetic and functional goals of the patient.

Untreated Orthodontic Conditions
Untreated Orthodontic Malocclusion
Mitchell Pohl, DDS

Sports related injury causes loss of two front teeth in a very young man. Minimal damage to underlying bone tissue and connective tissue. A mouthguard, designed differently for many types of sports activities, can prevent this level of damage.

Treatment recommendations could include a partial denture, cemented bridge, individual implants, implant supported bridge.

Contact Sports Trauma
Contact Sports Trauma
Ara Nazarian, DDS, Troy Michigan

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