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Tooth Positioning Relationships

Most of us are familiar with some of the common problems associated with tooth alignment needs of infants, youngsters and young adults. Traditional orthodontics started at key developmental stages typically address and correct the more common alignment needs of these patients.

Advanced orthodontics with palate expanders and, at times, jaw surgery and orthognathic surgery, are used by the orthodontist to correct more complicated growth issues that can occur when the upper and lower jaws have significantly different growth characteristics.

Tooth eruption and tooth crowding, perhaps in the instance where a particular tooth grows in behind or in front of other primary teeth can be successfully treated, for most, with orthodontic care.

Unusual growth patterns can get out of hand for some patients, especially when recommended treatments aren't provided at certain developmental stages. Orthodontic and occlusal problems can also become initiated and gradually worsen through untreated trauma events.

This gallery contains examples of unusual tooth positioning abnormalities that can become problematic and require specialized and creative treatments. Jawbone abnormalities may be involved to some extent. Occlusal and bite problems typically need to be addressed and treated simultaneously.

The upper arch jaw structure and numerous tooth structures have seemingly developed in a haphazard pattern. As a result, occlusion is severely disrupted.

Abnormal Jaw Tooth Position Occlussion
Tooth Positioning Growth Abnormalities
Kristin Petulla, DDS

Middle aged female with severe flared teeth. Untreated occlusal issues promoted continued growth of malpositioned tooth structures well into and throughout adulthood. The ability to eat a variety of foods became affected as the condition worsened.

Treatments can include traditional orthodontics, implants, bridgework, partials, fixed bridge.

Flared Adult Teeth
Flared Teeth Positioning
Edward Leventhal, DDS

Untreated orthodontic issues can exacerbate certain types of overbite conditions that become unsightly, especially for adults. Earlier treatments of being fitted for a partial did not satisfactorially address occlusal issues.

Treatments can include traditional orthodontics, implants, bridgework, partials, fixed bridge.

Splayed Anterior Upper Teeth
Splayed Teeth Abnormality
Edward Leventhal, DDS

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